Community Events

Winter Workshop

We host an annual Winter Workshop with two sessions, one for students in 3rd-5th grade and one for 6th-8th graders. Our workshop aims to provide an introduction to the Engineering Design Process. We encourage teamwork and creativity by giving groups of students in attendance three unique challenges to complete with their robot. Our Winter Workshop only lasts 3 hours per session but most students walk away with an improved understanding of STEM concepts and more confidence in their engineering abilities.

Summer Camp

Our Summer Camp is a 4 day event with two sessions, similar to our Winter Workshop we split the sessions into 3rd-5th graders and 6th-8th graders. We have two sessions so we can better accommodate the needs of different age groups. For our Summer Camp, we create an FLL-inspired Game with 9 different challenges. Students are given 3 days to design, build, and program their robot, then on the fourth day, they have a mini-competition to show off what they’ve accomplished. On top of doing the FLL Game, students have code breaks daily, art breaks daily, and on the final day, we teach students about circuits with an electrical activity.

You Go Girl Workshop

We host an annual YGG workshop where we invite middle school girls to come to our facilities and do a variety of activities that introduce STEM to them such as making homemade lava lamps and building bridges. In our 2023 YGG Workshop, only 25% of the group were initially interested in a career in STEM, by the end of the workshop, 80% of the girls were interested in STEM.

FIRST Lego League

This year we started 6 FLL teams across schools in our city, including two teams at  two Title I elementary schools. In addition to starting all of these teams and fully finding their rookie year, we provide mentorship to the teams at as many meetings as we can attend. While mentoring, we guide students in their robot creation process and support their ideas while encouraging collaboration between their teammates.

Other Events

On top of our major events, we do plenty of minor events. We have visited local elementary schools, hosted workshop tours, presented at 4-H clubs and scout troops, and volunteered at other FIRST Events around the KC Area. Students earn Outreach hours for a variety of things, those primarily being attending events we planned, volunteering at FIRST events, and working on behalf of Team 1710, like talking about 1710 at Raven Family Night.