Our Initiatives

You Go Girl

Founded in 2007, You Go Girl (YGG) was our team’s very first initiative. It was established to help raise awareness and inspire girls in the STEM community. Each year we help promote this initiative by making posters of all the girls on our team and making YGG shirts we wear to competitions. Additionally, we host a YGG Workshop for middle school girls each spring. We hope that this opportunity helps promote STEM to a group of girls who may not get the experience otherwise. Before this initiative our team was only 19% girls, but now thanks to the opportunity YGG gives, our team is 50% girls.

Goof Proof

Goof Proof is our safety initiative/program. Safety has been important to our team since the beginning, but it wasn’t until 2015 that we officially branded it into Goof Proof. The goal of this initiative is to promote and teach safety through CPR training, shop safety procedures and emergency procedure practice. One of the ways we promote these things is through our Safety Squad; a team of characters made to teach and demonstrate proper shop safety. Students go through safety training and are required to pass a test to become safety certified before using our shop machines. We use everything from T-shirts and buttons, to posters and a handbook. It is thanks to this initiative that we have won so many safety awards.

You Are Not Alone

You Are Not Alone (YANA) is an initiative focused on the importance of mental health after we suffered a devastating loss of life in 2017. This motivated us to try and prevent future tragedies on our team as well as others. Our goal is to spread awareness about the importance of mental health and how to cope with anxiety and depression. On our team we have mental health hours as a designated time to unwind doing fun activities such as painting or dodgeball. In an effort to make a larger impact we have hosted speakers to talk with teams at competitions about various aspects of mental health. Our Graphics team also worked with the Johnson County Mental Health Center to make business cards promoting the National Suicide Hotline that we hand out at competitions. Through this initiative we have been making an effort to open up discussions about mental health and promote wellness in our team and community.

Rainbow Alliance

In 2016, we created Rainbow Alliance, which aims to support the LGBTQ+ and BIPOC communities in STEAM. We want to show the importance of diversity and inclusion. To achieve this we create social media posts to teach about important dates, people and months. We have had speakers come in to talk with the team about the importance of diversity and allyship. Every year, our Media subteam makes a diversity video, where team members talk about the importance of diversity and what it means to be diverse.

Lego Drive

During a team member’s stay at Children’s Mercy, we learned that children in intensive care often do not have access to as many STEM-related activities as others due to safety and sanitation risks. This is the reason we started the Lego Drive in 2019. After talking with nurses, we found that Legos were the perfect gift for children to learn STEAM in a fun and safe way as they can be easily sanitized and shared between patients. Over the last few years the Lego Drive has continued to grow. We have expanded to promoting it across our district and at our FLL Qualifier. In 2023 we received over 50 lego sets and donated over 100 to both Children’s Mercy and KidsTLC. As of 2024, we’ve donated over 680 Lego kits.