Our Subteams


The build subteam is the place where the robot comes to life. Here we have students use the engineering design process, critical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, and communication skills to construct and assemble the robot. By using machine and power tools we transform raw materials like metal sheets and wires into a fully operational robot. Our collaboration extends to the design and programming subteams, ensuring a fully functional robot by the end of build season.


The programming subteam uses java to code the subsystems that make up the robot. They use the command-based framework created by WPI to maximize code functionality. This subteam uses GitHub to code collaboratively and efficiently. In addition to GitHub, we also use software like PhotonVision, TunerX, Elastic Dashboard and PathPlanner.


The Design sub-team uses Fusion 360, a 3D CAD/Modeling software of which is often used for sketching, designing, animating and more to create parts to be manufactured by the Build subteam. Alongside Build and Programming, Design is one of the main steps of the Engineering Design Process, and being a subteam of where the brainstorming, creating, and testing, is the first step of the journey to build our robot!


Throughout the season, the Finance subteam is focused on raising funds so the team is able to be sustainable. Team members are challenged to discover new ways to acquire funds, such as sell coffee/hot chocolate, reach out to local businesses, and cold call! Annually our team takes about $65,000 to run.


The informatics subteam gathers, prepares, visualizes, and analyzes data during competitions and holds the responsibility for non-robot-related technologies. We use industry tools such as Svelte, Git, and Microsoft PowerBi to build tools such as a scouting app that members can use to scout robots during competitions. The data we gather allows us to make informed decisions during the alliance selection stage of a competition. Additionally, we manage this team website Our subteam encourages problem-solving by breaking down difficult programming problems and finding trends in data.


Graphics designs all of the graphic media for the team including T-shirts, posters, buttons, ect. Members are taught how to use Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign. We manage the merchandise store and make sure quality products are available for the team to purchase.  


The Outreach subteam works with the surrounding community to reach out to kids to teach them about STEAM and work on broadening their views to show that there are many opportunities they can take advantage of in STEAM. The team contacts surrounding schools and activity centers to make activities and plan events to promote STEAM. Along the way, we help start and mentor FIRST Lego League (FLL) teams around the area. We also make WInter and Summer Workshops that help kids work with SPIKE primes used in FLL competitions. Specifically during our Summer Workshop, we make our own FLL game to help kids prepare for the next FLL competition. Recently another thing we have been working on is International Outreach, where we reach out to other FIRST Robotics Challenge teams out of the country. Our main goal in Outreach is to spread STEAM in different or unique ideas to help inspire kids to continue in STEAM.


The Media subteam takes photos and videos of Team 1710’s meetings, events, and competitions. We make all the videos that go out on 1710’s YouTube channel and other various social media platforms. We work with all the other subteams to highlight their achievements. And projects that we make are the hot chocolate commercial, the diversity video, recaps, the You Go Girl photos, and the robot reveal. We use Adobe suite products, Premiere Pro and Lightroom. The Media subteam is a fun subteam that uses creative outlets to show off all the cool things about the team.


The Initiatives subteam was created to be a driving force behind Team 1710’s beliefs. Each of our initiatives were created to help make a positive impact on the team and on the community. Over the years we have worked to expand the existing initiatives and help implement ideas for new ones. Our subteam works to make sure that this team and our community are a place where everyone can feel safe and respected. We work hard to make sure that our five initiatives are built into the everyday routine of our team and also brainstorm and organize events that help reach into the community.